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Portrait in front of Bow Lake

Dear Reader, 

I’m happy that you’ve found yourself on my blog, and I hope it finds you well!

If you stick around, you will see that I tend to skip wholeheartedly and enthusiastically from interest to interest with no logic or method or discipline. While that pattern of behavior has its obvious pitfalls, it certainly has afforded me an interesting series of hobbies, experiences, and epiphanies. This blog is my attempt to document those interests before I flit once again toward the next shiny object in my line of sight. 

I’m not what you’d call a quitter. Don’t believe me? My diverse interests have little to do with impatience and more to do with chronic wonder and fascination about the world. I have maintained several interests for a decade or more! I have played piano for 15+ years, and I have been a devotee of running, tennis, history, and Christianity for 10+ years. 

I have found that the easiest gift to waste is the most valuable resource we are given: time. I am at what my husband would tell you is the “ripe old age” of 26, and I hope to half-ass and whole-ass another ten thousand random pursuits in the time I have left! That being said, I keep certain boundaries on my easily-distracted nature that direct my life toward lasting pursuits (see what I did there). By that, I mean that I will spend my numbered days growing, exploring, learning, deepening spiritually, relating to other people, loving my husband, laughing hysterically, being weird, and accumulating creative and meaningful skills that put me in a state of joy.

This blog isn’t carved into the archaeological record (yet!), but writing is one of my favorite lasting pursuits. With any luck, this will become a semi-permanent record of all my lasting pursuits.

A final thought: I know and see many people who believe modern life is too boring, banal, superficial, busy, nihilistic, suffocating, burdensome, and arbitrary. For far too long, these feelings overwhelmed me—sometimes they still do. By focusing on meaning I force the pessimism and anxiety aside and find peace. I encourage you to seek the same fulfillment in the quiet, simple, elegant, timeless, pure, wholesome, romantic, natural, geeky, or seemingly mundane. If you’re like me, it will restore your faith, your smile, and your enthusiasm as you wake up to each new day. 

With Love,


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